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If You’re Sick Of Jumping From Boring Fat Loss Fads To Useless Yo-Yo Diets …
Or If You’re Just Plain TIRED Of Failing To Get The Fitness Results You Want…

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Just The Answer To All Your Long Standing Weight Issues.






From: Steve Joynson

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Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question….Which one of these are you really fed up of dealing with everyday…Or is it all of them?


  • Constantly feeling miserable about the way you look
  • Your obsession with the weight scales, and how they always seem to GO UP…not down
  • The endless diets that get you nowhere
  • You feel unattractive and wish you just looked like “Her”
  • Having to settle with a body you don`t deserve
  • Wishing if only you could fit into THAT dress
  • Feeling guilty about not exercising when you know you should
  • Going to the smelly gym for endless hours but HATING being there


How Would You Feel If It Didn`t Have To Be This Way Anymore? Because It Doesn`t. Read On….

Have you always struggled with your weight? Or maybe just let yourself go a little over the years due to time constraints, work commitments etc etc. We`ve all been there and it`s just a plain old fact of life sometimes….

So now you don`t like the way you look or feel.…or haven`t for some time now. You don`t enjoy life as much as you`d like to because your weight just stops you having fun?

It prevents you living life to the full potential? You just exist day to day and just get on with it…..

Your favourite clothes don`t fit anymore and they just hang there in the wardrobe….”Oh to be able to wear them again would be just fab”….I hear you say!!

Perhaps some days you feel you can`t bear it any longer….the self denial, the baggy clothes, hiding yourself away, not even being able to look in the mirror.



personal training in bath



It Feels Like Your Weight Is Controlling You

It also feels like you wake up everyday and it`s just the same….Same body, same life, same old routine, and the only comfort comes from eating.

But yet you know you deserve more from life. You know you can do better if only there was a way….You owe it to yourself surely?

You`ve said to yourself many times “I`m going to finally lose this weight” but it`s never happened, and you didn`t get around to it AGAIN!

But TODAY has finally arrived where you have decided IT IS going to happen, and you will prove it to yourself and others you CAN do this and WILL enjoy your life again. You feel motivated and ready for change!!


You`ve Tried EVERYTHING It Seems And Still Nothing Works

  • You`ve been on the low carb diet, no carb diet, powder meals, low this, high that, and still total frustration and confusion
  • Getting up early each day to plod away on the treadmill or on the streets for hours on end…to no avail.
  • You have countless ab gizmos, and workout gadgets that just gather dust in the house. Still no results and never to be used again.
  • You hit the gym day in day out 7 days a week, but all it does is make you tired and grumpy. Why isn`t it working you ask yourself.
  • You`ve read all the new fads and exercise trends in the newspapers and magazines…but which one is best? It`s so difficult to choose.

It`s Not Your Fault, You`ve Just Been Misled. It`s Time For Some Truth!

It is quite shocking at the sheer amount of misinformation out there these days. So it`s hardly surprising why so many people just don`t know where to even start or know what to do. There is just no shortage of fads, gimmicks, diet pills, powders, lotions, creams, surgical procedures etc out there today, and it all boils down to about extracting your hard earned money from your pocket.

You can be rest assured….that whatever the proposed solution or cure may be from the “experts”, the sole purpose and intent is designed for you to buy their product.

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion pound industry and each year millions of people are lied to, deceived and cheated into buying the very latest products by these unscrupulous weight loss corporations. And they are never going to work!!! It`s a totally sad fact but true…


Here Are 4 Facts To Consider:

Truth #1 – Weight loss companies and corporations urge you to buy their products and winning formulas. They spend a fortune on clever advertising and want you to fall for it. Yet when they don`t work, where are they then? They know you will blame yourself and they also know you will buy their next latest and greatest product in due course. So the cycle continues….

Truth #2 – There is no miracle fix out there on the market. There never has been and there never will be. The sooner that fact is accepted the better. It`s just so easy to entice the frustrated and desperate dieter into the next huge weight loss breakthrough. Again the cycle goes on and only ends in failure.

Truth #3 – The weight loss industry in the Western World is HUGE. Britons and Americans alone spend billions of pounds and dollars on the latest products in trying to help lose weight. Many of these are not regulated by the governments so the only outcome in the end is going to be disappointment and more frustration.

Truth #4 – The only proven solution to both short and long term successful weight loss is an effective fitness program, incorporated with a solid nutrition plan. In unison they can provide permanent long term health benefits no gimmick, pill, or yo-yo diet will ever be able to offer.

It`s time to come off the hamster wheel of being lied and sold to. It`s time to take responsibility for your own actions in a positive way and finally see the results you really crave.



personal trainers bath


Yes You Can Lose That Unwanted Weight And Body Fat…But It Does Take Work!

If you are finally ready to say YES and undertake a professionally designed fitness and nutrition program….then you CAN and WILL get into great shape and feel amazing…Period!!

You are going to shed a great deal of body fat, develop lean toned muscle that keeps fat off for good…and the quality of your life will go through the roof…

Over the course of the program you will get into the best physical shape….more than you ever thought possible. You will shock your family, shock your friends….They won`t believe it`s the new you! Imagine that?

Also just imagine waking up each morning feeling like you really want to make the most of the day instead of just the same old mundane routine. You finally feel alive, energised, a new spring in your step….You even go to bed much more happier.


So How Are These Results Possible….Can They Happen To Me?

Sure they can happen to you….In fact if you followed our secretly guarded AFTERBURN Training and Nutrition System to the letter then you will be absolutely blown away by your results. It happens every time. But ONLY if you adhere to the system.

It`s logical and makes perfect sense that if you want to get lean, drop a ton of unsightly body fat and make sure it stays off for good…then you need to change the way your body works for you.

Make Your Body Work For You Instead Of Against You!

What do you mean you might be asking?

Well how would you like to be elevating your metabolism to such a degree it will burn calories up to 40 hours after one of our training sessions? This means you will be literally melting unwanted fat while you are relaxing, sleeping, shopping, working.

In fact ANYTHING you do post exercise.

Surely that sounds better than pounding away on a treadmill for an eternity….only to burn around 300 calories and have your metabolism switch off as soon as you stop?

The key to an attractive, lean, toned and desirable body is definitely NOT long slow steady state cardio. However the AFTERBURN Training and Nutrition System designed by our Personal Trainers is.


The SECRET Behind AFTERBURN Training

The secret to achieving fantastic results with our AFTERBURN Training system is by using the EPOC protocol. In other words (Exercise Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). Epoc is simply the scientific name given to the amazing fat burning boost that happens once you have finished exercising. It is popularly know as the “Afterburn” effect, which forms the basis of our dynamic and highly successful training programs.

Providing you are exercising the correct way….and you would be with the AFTERBURN Training System…then amazing things will begin to happen…while only working out as little as 90 Minutes per week!

Your body has no option but to burn unwanted fat from all areas both during and after exercise, and will continue to do so for many hours after.

The secret is the specific type of training you will do to see great results, and it`s been proven that after just 2 weeks of AFTERBURN Training, whole body fat burning can increase to as much as 36% AFTER exercise, or even higher depending on the individual.


How Long Does This Super Fat Busting AFTERBURN Effect Last For?

In essence….For hours!!

It`s fairly common for these particular types of exercise routines to keep burning fat up to 30-40 hours after training stops. So looking at it another way, you are getting an extra one and a half days post workout to freely burn fat at rest. This is purely due to the fact you have exercised the right way. The best way to long term weight and fat loss.

Remember, to see great results you will only need to be undertaking the AFTERBURN System 2-3 times per week. To burn whole body fat 4 days per week at rest, all that is required is around 90 minutes utilizing our remarkable workout strategies.

Your newly fired up and elevated metabolism will be melting fat like nothing else you have experienced before…


Is This Really Going To Work?

What I can tell you is that I can understand your concerns, and any possible skepticism you might have. This is totally natural seeing as there is just so much rubbish, and also good information being touted at you on a daily basis. Which way do you turn in finding the right way to break free of all the confusion?

Who can you trust that will tell you the truth about long lasting weight loss, the right exercise approach, and correct eating habits?

If you`re like the many people I meet and have previously trained, you might be worried about the food you eat. Is it right to go low carb? Low fat? No fat? Etc etc….

Perhaps you are confused about the type of exercise you should be doing to burn the most fat in the shortest possible time, technique, duration, weights, cardio, both?

Trust me, this happens all the time….and it`s just the beginning!

It`s only to be expected that these apprehensions come to light and it`s something most personal training in Bath clients experience before they come on board. But there is no need to worry as the AFTERBURN Training System takes care of everything. It`s a proven system that works time and time again if you truly want to make the change both to your life and your body.


What Do I Do Next?

All you need to do is simply contact us here at Aim BodyFitness to arrange your FREE friendly chat with one of our Personal Trainers in Bath.

We can arrange a home visit to see how we can assist you in achieving your goals, and help you get going as fast  as possible.

The only way this will work for you is to be accountable, and to really truly want to get into the best shape of your life.



This is what you get with the Aim BodyFitness AFTERBURN Training System:

  • Weekly Personal Training Sessions – This is where one component of the magic happens. No two workouts are the same with these dynamic, multi joint, multi muscle group routines that set your metabolism on fire. They set you up for the all important AFTERBURN effect post workout. We also provide motivation, encouragement and accountability.
  • The Aim Bodyfitness AFTERBURN Nutrition System – There are literally thousands of diet books out there today it`s a minefield knowing which is going to be right for you. We don`t believe in diets but we do know which type of eating plan works long term to keep you lean and healthy. We give you all the necessary information to help distill what foods you need to be consuming and when to help you drop body fat like you never thought possible.
  • Support and Guidance – All the best systems in the world will work if you stick to them. To be successful with the AFTERBURN Training System it is vital you adhere to it for optimal results. Otherwise it`s a waste of your time and investment. Ours too!! All our clients have previously got results with this unique system, and to ensure this we provide continued support, motivation and guidance to help you keep going for the duration of your program.


Your Checklist To Success


Here Is What Most Of Our Clients Achieve


  • Lose 7-15 pounds of fat in the first 30 days of working out
  • Increased energy, strength and vitality
  • Drop 3-7% body fat in the first 12 weeks
  • A tighter, firmer, toned body (Including arms, legs and thighs)
  • Supercharged Metabolism that burns those all important calories at rest
  • Flatter stomach and narrower waistline
  • More confidence in how you look
  • Better sleep
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Fit into your favourite clothes
  • Lose 1-3 clothes sizes in 4 weeks
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced cravings for junk food (Sugars and fatty foods)
  • Joint and back pain reduction



Not Just Another Trainer

Here at Aim BodyFitness we like to think we have your best interests at heart. We don`t run you into the ground with our workouts as not only can this be counter productive to you achieving your goals, but also can be downright dangerous. Obviously they need to be challenging but will be tailored to suit your particular fitness level.

We like to see ourselves as transformation coaches when it comes to our personal training in Bath. Guiding you along every step of the way as you embark on your journey of transforming your current body into the one you`ve always desired.

See, it`s not just about the workouts…more importantly it`s the results that matter. If you decide to invest in your health and well being with us, then equally we will endeavour to invest 100% of our time and effort into you being another success story like the countless clients who have preceded you.

Take a look below at some of the videos and what previous Aim BodyFitness  customers have to say about our programs and best of all, what you can expect….


Check Out What Some Of Our Clients Had To Say

“I Need A New Wardrobe”

“I`m so excited….I`ve lost a lot of weight, but more importantly body fat! I can see a big difference in my muscle tone, particularly my arms, thighs, and how my body looks overall.

I need to go shopping for a whole wardrobe of new clothes, just what a girl likes to do!!”

Jane – Bath

“I Used To Hate Exercise But I Love It Now!!”

“Really enjoy the workouts, always fun and never the same routines like I used to get when I used other personal trainers in the past. I always leave feeling as if I`ve worked my body to the max and I`m full of energy too, which i never used to have.

Give Aim BodyFitness a go….You`ll be hooked!!!”

Vicky – Bath



“I`m Loving Life Again!!”

“I came to Steve because I wanted to lose weight and begin to feel good about myself again. Something I hadn`t done for a long time. I`d been going to a gym but just wasn`t seeing any results and I hated the gym atmosphere anyway.

I am so glad I signed up with Steve as I went from a size 16 to a size 12 in just a few months. I would gladly say I have found him to be the best solution in the area.”

Amanda – Bath


“I`ve Lost Well Over 8 Inches From My Waist….”

“Since working out with Aim BodyFitness I`ve lost body fat from all over my body. I work in an office all day and the weight just crept on before I knew it. I decided I need to do something urgently so contacted these guys.

Wow…I can`t say it was easy when I first started, but with their encouragement and motivation I stuck with the program. I`m over the moon that I`m losing so much fat. I feel much fitter and healthier and it`s also great fun too.

One of the best thing I did to be honest.”

Mike – Warminster


Achieve REAL Results Starting From Today!

If you are ready to see the change you want out of your life, to get that great body, to feel much more alive, then you don`t need me to tell you what you need to do.

If you`re ready to discuss what is possible for you to achieve and how you can reach your fitness goals then you need to get in touch today. Remember every day you delay takes you further away from where you want to be….

Just one training session will convince you why so many Aim BodyFitness clients reach their weight loss and fitness goals so quickly….

….And why Aim BodyFitness is clearly the right choice when it comes to personal training in the Somerset and Wiltshire areas.




See How Aim BodyFitness Compares To Other Fitness Solutions In Your Area




9 Good Reasons Why You Need To Begin The AFTERBURN Training And Nutrition System Today To Get The Body You`ve Been Thinking About For So long….


  1. Accountability – We do our very best to help educate, support, and guide you every step of the way. It can sometimes be a little difficult to start with but we are there to make sure you step forward with confidence and get the job done.
  2. Track Record – We`ve helped numerous clients over the years to achieve their health and fitness goals. If you want to successfully lose weight, look fab and become much fitter in the process then follow our system and be achieve exactly the same.
  3. Coaching – You are coached by knowledgeable and engaging trainers who are passionate about their work and really want you to succeed. They care about your results and will encourage you to stay accountable.
  4. Motivation – We will be there pushing you to the max. Good trainers know how to get the best out of their clients without going over the top. We take you to the edge, and by doing so you will achieve things you never thought possible.
  5. Customization – Every individual is different and we take that into account. We don`t give you a program that is one size fits all. Your program is created for you, based on your goals and what you need to achieve them. This ensures you reach your goals quickly and with 100% certainty.
  6. Science – No fancy gimmicks, no fancy equipment, no fads! Our proven system is designed to work your body how it should be worked. We utilize fully body workouts each and every time that revs up your metabolism to furnace levels. You will then burn a ton of calories both during and after our unique and highly effective training sessions. Finally by combining our secret nutrition strategies  to keep your metabolism fired up,  your body is forced to change over time and melt any unwanted body fat you want rid of.
  7. Efficiency – Everyone is busy, it`s just a fact of life in today`s modern world. However, with our system you can get in great shape by exercising as little as 90 minutes per week. We get the workouts done quickly, at your convenience, so you can get on with your day with little disruption.
  8. Consistency and Structure – This is usually where it breaks down. We will be there to help you when and if things get tough. This is the crucial component to get through and by adhering to this ensures you are on track to seeing some amazing results.
  9. Never Alone – Aim BodyFitness is here to help you all the way. You never have to feel alone or isolated. We are on this journey with you and want to see you successfully cross the finish line like so many others have done in the past.


Your Final Checklist


## Yes Steve….I Am Finally Ready To Lose My Unwanted Weight And Body Fat. I Am Ready To Find Out Your Closely Guarded Secrets To Help Me Get The Body I`ve Been Wanting For So Long….

  • Yes! I`m ready to lose weight and get fitter right now!
  • Yes! I want to look and feel better than I ever have before
  • Yes! I want to fit into smaller clothes once and for all
  • Yes! I really want fun and intense workouts that will get me a great body
  • Yes! I`d love to have more energy, vitality, and an increase in self esteem
  • Yes! I want to command more self confidence and feel attractive
  • Yes! I want an elevated metabolism that burns calories all day, getting me lean and toned at the same time
  • Yes! I want a trainer who is qualified, educated, likeable, and is willing to push me further than I ever would on my own
  • Yes! I`m ready to make a permanent change in my life and want to be motivated and held accountable
  • Yes! I want to invest in my health and long term well being, and will make the necessary sacrifices to enable that



bath personal trainer

One Last Thing….

It`s only fair to say that if you are looking for a personal trainer who will cater to your every whim then please understand we are not the company for you….

If it`s a trainer you want to spend half the time chatting with, instead of putting the necessary work in then again, I`m afraid we are not the service for you….


In fact…

  • We are not here to pamper you
  • We are not here to be your therapist, there are no shortages of them elsewhere. Sure we will help you with the mind stuff when it comes to making lifestyle changes. This can be tough for some people and we understand that. But our primary aim is to push you hard so you can get to your goals fast. We don`t want to help you with your personal problems.
  • We are not know it all`s and would never claim to be. If there is something we don`t know or can`t help you with, we endeavour to help with any questions or queries you may have.
  • We don`t get you bulked up or do bodybuilding type training. Our workout routines are designed to acquire the much desired athletic look. Lean toned muscle with emphasis on dropping body fat.
  • We don`t like to take on people who complain or moan. Please remember that!
  • We won`t be putting you on any cardio equipment and disappear for a while. You will be working hard at an intensity designed to challenge you, but done safely.  If this puts you off then maybe we are not the service for you.
  • We are not the lowest priced service around and don`t get into price wars. If you value your health this should not be an issue. We focus on results. If you are happy with a low end service with low end prices, this equates to you being happy to settle for low end results. The old adage rings true where you get what you pay for.
  • We are not here for people who want a personal trainer for the “status” it gives them. We train you for results and it involves hard work and commitment. Anything less just doesn`t cut it.



Airship Aim


It`s Time To Decide

At this precise moment in time you are at a crossroads in your life. If you`ve made it all the way down this page without leaving this website then it`s for a reason don`t you think? You don`t need me to say why. Everyone is different and everyone has their own particular reasons so all that needs to be said is now is the opportunity to do something about your pain. Isn`t it the whole reason you visited this site in the first place.

Basically you have 2 options….

  • 1. You can leave this website right now and resume the way you have been living….nothing changes if nothing changes right? maybe you`re happy to stay in exactly the same shape you are in right now…Or maybe even get worse? That`s for you to decide…

Perhaps you would rather put off getting a better body and a better life until tomorrow….But I think we both know that tomorrow never comes….

…..And so the cycle continues!

  • 2. Or you can contact us today and start the process of finally banishing the body fat you want gone. Start the process of feeling better about yourself both out and in. Feel more energised, happier, improve your confidence, self esteem?


Call: 0787 646 1603


You deserve a life where you want to look as fit and as attractive as possible, your friends and family are amazed at the new you!

Don`t put off something that you would finally like to do for yourself instead of giving your time and energy to others…..

Now it`s YOUR time!











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